Ozette-Nootka in Metchosin

by | Nov 14, 2018

We love to hear about your potato growing experiences, good and bad!

Today, we received an update from Scott Harris, who farms at the Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-op in Langford, BC.

Starting with 2 potatoes, in two years, Scott Harris harvests 120 pounds!

Richard Hebda gave a climate change talk for Metchosin Foundation a year and a half ago and I got two small Ozette Nootka potatoes from him.

Last year I planted them and got 6 pounds from two hills. I planted the 6 pounds and got 120 pounds. I kept about 15 pounds for seed potatoes and sold the rest to a local farm who sold them at a market and because of the story behind them was selling them for $4 pound.

Should probably have kept more for seed but I will be planting them next year. I plant mostly Sieglinde potatoes, I like growing potatoes and they do well in our flood plain Community Farm. Grew close to 3000 pounds of potatoes with the majority being Sieglinde.


Ozette-Nootka potatoes harvested in Metchosin