Volunteer Grower-Observers wanted

Keeping heritage potatoes in cultivation is one way to conserve our agricultural biodiversity. Sharing knowledge of successes and failures is a key step to improving food security and adapting to climate change.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Contribute casual observations and stories about your favourite potato.

2. Request some Ozette-Nootka tubers for growing, observing and eating
I will send you 5 tubers of Ozette Nootka with an observation form for you to track during the growing season.

3. Grow and observe your favourite varieties through the growing season.
A simplified, standard observation form can be downloaded here. Post it on your fridge to remind you to fill it out.

Heritage Potato Observation Form 2018

4. Do you know of an unusual variety grown in your area that we need to know about?
Let us know about it. We would like to preserve as many local varieties as possible!


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To submit observations of heritage potato growth forms, please download and print this form for each variety:
Heritage Potato Observation Form 2018

Crop-Climate Project Potato and Wheat_Final

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