Heritage Potato Varieties

Potatoes come in a variety of colours, shapes and textures. Full descriptions, where available, are linked to the name.


Banana potato tubers

Banana potatoes are a late maturing yellow-fleshed variety, with many small banana shaped tubers. They have been grown in British Columbia for at least 90 years and are widely available as seed potatoes.


Chieftain is a mid-season variety with red-skin and white flesh. It was bred in Iowa in 1957, and is widely planted in Canada. It is widely adapted with relatively high yields.


A deep blue fleshed potato with unknown origins. It is closely related to a number of Canadian Heritage varieties, including British Columbia Blue, McIntosh Blue, River John Blue, and Sharon’s Blue.

Corne de Mouton

Corne de Mouton is a fingerling variety with creamy yellow flesh. Its origins are either in France or Denmark, possibly as early as 1872.


Likely, British Columbia lends its name to this fingerling potato. This potato survived many years outside of cultivation on the shores of Quesnel Lake, originally brought their by Russian fur traders. They were passed on to First Nations people who eventually passed them on to placer gold panners.

Mrs. Moehrle’s Yellow-Fleshed

One of the high-yielding stars of Garrett Pittenger’s heritage potato collection.

Ozette Nootka

The Ozette-Nootka potato is likely the descendent of a potato planted in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island as early as 1791. Unlike most other potatoes grown in North America today, which arrived from potatoes grown in Europe, the Ozette-Nootka was brought directly from South America by Spanish settlers.

Pugh’s Purple

A purple potato from Nova Scotia, named after Elizabeth Pugh.

Russian Blue

A late-maturing, blue fleshed potato with dark purple skin which is reported to be a heritage variety from Russia.


A late variety with red skin and white flesh.


Sieglinde is a yellow-fleshed variety that originated in Germany or Austria.

Slovenian Crescent

A crescent shaped fingerling potato with pale yellow to white flesh. Very early!


Potato Characteristics

Twelve potato varieties were grown for the Crop-Climate Project in 2012.  Key characteristics of these potatoes are found in the following table.

Variety Name:
Skin colour:
Flesh colour:
Tuber Shape:
Bananalatelight yellowpale yellowbanana
Chieftainmid-seasonredwhiteoval to oblong
Congolatebluebluelong to oval
Corne de Moutonearly to mid-seasonwhite to yellowcreamy yellowoval to very long
Mrs. Moehrle's Yellowmid-seasontanyellowround
Ozettelatepale goldcreamy yellowfingerling
Pugh's Purplemid-seasonlight purplepurplelong oval
Russian Bluelatedark purpleblueround to oblong
Siberianvery latewhiteredround to oval
Sieglindeearlyclear yellowpale yellowoval to round
Slovenian Crescentearlypale yellow to whitepale yellow brown to pale browncrescent