Canadian Heritage Potato Varieties – Is your favourite on the list?

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Every region of Canada has different potatoes, each with its own unique history.  Many of these have been maintained in home gardens for decades and shared between neighbours. To conserve this genetic diversity, we need to share what we know.

In Canada, the Potato Gene Resources Repository in Fredericton, NB preserves heritage varieties, to maintain a broad genetic base for future food security.  They have more than 140 varieties which are available to growers, breeders and researchers.

List of Potato Cultivars available from the Potato Gene Resources Repository

Name Origin
Abnaki  New Brunswick
AC Belmont  New Brunswick
AC Blue Pride  Newfoundland
AC Brador  New Brunswick
AC Chaleur  New Brunswick
AC Domino  Newfoundland
AC Novachip  New Brunswick
AC Ouelle  New Brunswick
AC Pocat  New Brunswick
AC Red Island  Newfoundland
AC Sunbury  New Brunswick
Acadia Russet  New Brunswick
All Red  Alberta
Angelina Mahoney’s Blue  Ontario
Anson  Newfoundland
Austrian Crescent  Ontario
Avon  New Brunswick
Banana  New Brunswick
Batoche  New Brunswick
Bauer Grun Rote Auge  Ontario
Beauty of Hebron  New Brunswick
Belleisle  New Brunswick
Black Mignion/The Cup  New Brunswick
Bliss Triumph  New Brunswick
Blue Mac  Newfoundland
Blue Shetland  Ontario
Brigus  Newfoundland
British Columbia Blue  Ontario
Cain’s Irish Rocks  Ontario
Calico  Ontario
Candy Cane  Ontario
Canso  New Brunswick
Canus  New Brunswick
Caribe  New Brunswick
Cariboo  New Brunswick
Carlton  New Brunswick
Cherokee  Alberta
Chinook  New Brunswick
Columbia Russet  New Brunswick
Conestoga  New Brunswick
Congo  Ontario
Corne de Mouton  Ontario
Cow Horn  Alberta
Crotte d’Ours  Ontario
Cupids  Newfoundland
Donna  New Brunswick
Dorita  New Brunswick
Earlaine  New Brunswick
Early Rose  New Brunswick
Elmer’s Blue  Ontario
Epicure  New Brunswick
Eramosa  New Brunswick
Fingerling  Ontario
Fortyfold  Ontario
Fundy  New Brunswick
Garnet Chili  New Brunswick
German Butterball  Alberta
Gold Coin  New Brunswick
Grand Falls  New Brunswick
Green Mountain  New Brunswick
Haida  Ontario
Hindenberg  New Brunswick
Houma  New Brunswick
Hunter  New Brunswick
Huron  New Brunswick
Irish Cobbler  Alberta
Jemseg  New Brunswick
Jogeva Yellow Estonian  Ontario
Keswick  New Brunswick
Kifli  Ontario
La Veine Rose  Ontario
Lenape  New Brunswick
Libertas  New Brunswick
LRC 4373-5b  New Brunswick
LRC-373-5  New Brunswick
Lumpers  Ontario
MacIntosh Black  Ontario
Manota  New Brunswick
Marc Warshaw’s Quebec  Ontario
Matsuyama  Ontario
McIntyre Blue  New Brunswick
Mirton Pearl  New Brunswick
Moursaka  New Brunswick
Mrs. Moehrle’s Yellow Fleshed  Ontario
Myatt’s Ashleaf  Ontario
Nipigon  New Brunswick
Niska  New Brunswick
Northern White  Ontario
Nova Scotia Blue  Ontario
OAC Royal Gold  New Brunswick
OAC Ruby Gold  New Brunswick
OAC Temagami  New Brunswick
Pink Fir Apple  Ontario
Pink Pearl  New Brunswick
Purple Chief  New Brunswick
Purple Viking  Alberta
Rambling Rose  Ontario
Raritan  New Brunswick
Red Acadian  Alberta
Red Dutch  Alberta
Red Gold  New Brunswick
Red Warba  New Brunswick
Richter’s Jubel  New Brunswick
Rideau  New Brunswick
River John Blue  New Brunswick
Rose Gold  New Brunswick
Royal Kidney  Ontario
Ruby Pulsiver’s Blue Noser  Ontario
Russet Burbank  New Brunswick
Sable  New Brunswick
Saginaw Gold  New Brunswick
Sharon’s Blue  Ontario
Shepody  New Brunswick
Siberian  Ontario
Simcoe  New Brunswick
Six Weeks  Saskatchewan
Skerry Blue  Ontario
Slovenian Crescent  Ontario
Straight Banana  Ontario
Tobique  New Brunswick
Trent  New Brunswick
Up-To-Date  New Brunswick
Urgenta  New Brunswick
USDA 41956  New Brunswick
USDA X96-56  New Brunswick
White Rose  New Brunswick
White Rural New Yorker  New Brunswick
Yam  Ontario
Yellow Fin  New Brunswick
York  New Brunswick
Yukon Gold  New Brunswick








  1. I believe that my grandparents brought a potato from Ukraine, in the late 1880s. I have had it for over 35 years. However, a disease/virus has set in after 3 years of drought, here on Vancouver Island. I think it is a Santa or Sante variety, shown on a Russian website to me by a friend from Ukraine (—chempiony-vkusa.htm ). It is a longish, yet wide, lightly yellow fleshed potato, fairly late season, long, skinny-ish stems with white flowers, and a fairly prolific producer. We like it very much, but need new stock, if we can possibly find some. My aunt tells me that they called it, “rugalke” in Ukrainian. Do you know of this potato or where we might find it for seed?

    • Lavonne, whatever you do, try to keep the variety going despite its infection. There are ways (meristematic tissue culture)by which the variety can be stored to its original vigour). One cannot assume that Sante or any other variety is a synonym until DNA testing is done. These are both expensive laboratory processes, but if you can at least keep your clone alive (assuming you haven’t already discarde it) one can go from there. Will Bonsall.

    • The variety Sante, referred to in the website link provided, is not likely to be your heritage variety. It was bred in the Netherlands in 1971, according to the Canadian Seed Potato Database.

      So your favourite potato is still a mystery. If you have some material that you are still saving, it may be possible to get it virally cleansed. Email me directly ( if you would like to pursue this.

    • You can order Sante at They also have a variety called ‘Ukrainian’ which may be closer to what you are looking for.

    • HI, I’m curious if you were able to keep your potato going? Or if you pursued the couple varieties offered at the suggested seed company.

  2. Where would I be able to purchase the Pink Pearl potatoes. I live east of Calgary AB

    Thank you
    Sincerely Leonard Le Cerf

  3. I live in Newfoundland.
    A few people I know grow what they call, “ Aarons”., which after research
    Is more appropriately called ,” Aaron victors “ or “ Aaron Victories”.
    I understand they originated in Scotland , and were introduced to Newfoundland before WWII .
    They are not on your data base published here unless they go by another name I am not familiar with .
    They are purple in skin colour. I can send a photo of you are interested . I do not know if they fall under the category of Canadian heritage or not .

    • Hi André,

      Thanks for the note. I would love a photo of it – are you still growing them? Are you aware of anyone selling seed potato of them? I checked a bit, and found what I believe to be information about your potato, though with a slightly different spelling “Arrans Victory.”

      Here’s is a link to an article I found online, with a photo that you could perhaps compare:

      There is a related variety, called Arran Consul. Description is available here:

      “Arran Victory” has been deposited into the Gene Repository at the Fredericton Research and Development Centre. If yours is different than this one, you may considered donating a few tubers to Fredericton as an addition to their collection and to save for future generations.


  4. I am looking for the Bliss Triumph variety of red potato and cannot seem to find a grower in the U.S. Is there a way to purchase this variety in Canada? Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

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